We help brands become part of consumers lifes

… and we call it ‘connectability’

We started out as a public relations and social media agency more than a decade ago. Over the years, we have grown by helping brands to increase their brand visibility and creating what we call “connectability”, the ability to connect with audience in constant motion.

About us


Connecting with consumers in the right moment is something that captivates us and inspires our strategy to define what works best at this moment and what can be successful tomorrow.

Now and always, we want to help brands to become part of their consumer’s lives. And it is clear to us how to get there: sharing relevant knowledge, conversations and experiences is the way to reach the consumer’s heart.

We love Brands

We love Brands

Our experience has shown us that best results are achieved with a senior team. We all have extensive experience in PR, but most importantly, we know how to manage brands, how to communicate brand values and its DNA and how to create the right strategy to connect with the target audience.

We like to apply high doses of creativity to our work, and we enjoy the process of innovation and facing new challenges in PR. Our work is as unlimited as our imagination.

We feel passion about the brands we work with, and that is reflected in our enthusiasm when we work and turns into good results and ROI.


We love People

We love People

Above all, we love to listen and talk with our clients, and with the media. Generating relationships with a very human component, with plenty of empathy and responsiveness is our main purpose. We want to create a great working relationship with our clients, and to become a part of the brand and the team.

Team management

Team management

Founded in 2006 and led by Fátima Sánchez, Brandipia has a team of senior consultants who drive brands forward, with a high expertise in design, interior design and architecture, as well as in marketing technology and digital advertising, among other lifestyle industries.

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Our collaborators

Our collaborators

We have established a broad international network of associate PR agencies across the globe.

Each associate agency has been selected using the same demanding and professional criteria we use in-house.

Working with us

Working with us

In Brandipia we are always searching for talented people that want to join our team. If you have experience in PR, like to socialise, speak English, work strategically with passion and creativity we would be very pleased to meet you.

Send us your CV to ilovepr@barandipia.com. You can also include your Linkedin, Twitter, blog, or any reference you feel may be of interest.

The formula

We don’t always use the same ingredients, but most of our work is based on a simple formula to get “Connectability”:

  • Lots of 


  • Huge doses of 


  • Handfuls of 


  • The best 


Now that you know about us…