Media relations, PR campaigns and events that connect brands with consumers

… creating visibility, reputation and influence.

Brands need to make consumers fall in love with them and integrate into their lives in a natural way. In Brandipia we believe that to connect with consumers, it’s not enough just to make a brand visible. It is important to share knowledge, conversations or experiences that trigger emotions, surprise, fun or feelings that lead to a positive brand opinion and a true connection.

Our content strategy set out how to design and manage media campaigns that reach a wide audience, as well as how to reach thousands of followers on social media.

We create brand experiences, events and other meetings, focused on a real connection of brands with consumers to become part of their lives. We provide media training and communication coaching to turn each spokesperson best brand ambassador. We interact with a wide range of institutions, generating true influence.

We create brand visibility, reputation and influence, to awake emotions and feelings that reach the consumer’s hearts. This is the main focus of our work.

estrategia de contenidos

Media Relations

Contents that turn into news

Brandipia is more than turning brands into news. We also understand the need to create interest, proximity and a sense of brand utility, sharing knowledge and generating attractive content for the target audience and the media.

Our magic band? We start with the best strategy to create and disseminate newsworthy and relevant content to the media to reach a wider audience.

relaciones con los medios brandipia

How we manage media relations?


  • Creating newsworthy press releases and video releases with high quality content for the objective audience.
  • Managing exclusive topics, giving to each media most relevant content for their readers.
  • Looking for relevant topics to manage interviews and statements.
  • Editing and disseminate opinion pieces.
  • Inviting the media to attend presentations, trips and other events to encourage them to participate in the brand experience. 
  • Product placement and full showroom management.
  • Monitoring, measure and analyse how the brand is positioned in the industry, how is being received in the news and on social media, according to the needs of each client.

All of this and much more forms a part of our daily work with media…

But, above all, what makes our work most effective, are our media contacts. We have long standing relationships with key journalists, that go further than just a phone call or an e-mail. We love to see them and to be part of our lives, and without doubt, help them with their jobs.


Strategy + Content = digital reach

The interaction with social media is so big that only a good strategy and best content will allow to connect with your target consumers, amongst the billions of daily interactions. We build fan communities and digital campaigns that connect brands with their audiences, and that generate conversations and shared experiences, no matter the channel or device.

Where do we start?

brandipia estrategia y contenidos

Analysing the digital environment of brands and their consumers.

Working on a strategy using our own channels, ad channels and others in order to maximize the brand and optimise its presence on search engines.

Producing strategic content for each different digital channel, including design and management of corporate blogs.

Managing our daily work: community management.

Interacting with bloggers and influencers.

Monitoring, measure and analyse web traffic and the discussions about the brand on social networks.

Brand Experiences

Brands to be lived

Brand experiences bring the brands closer to consumers, allowing them to feel it, enjoy it, touch it or listen to it, causing an emotional response. Cultivating a favourable opinion or predilection about the brand is the pursued goal in the brand experiences.

How do we get it?

experiencias de marca

Organising events that make a difference, that are attractive to the target audience. This is a great opportunity for the brands to be ‘liked’ and to reach new consumers with all senses.

Managing client and media meetings at the most popular fairs.

Seeking and management of speaking opportunities to participate in the most prestigious forums within each sector, helping to prepare presentations that generate a high impact.

Designing and creation of corporate/products newsletters that convey the brand values and generate a true experience.

Managing participation in competitions and/or the creation of our own awards.

Organising visits with VIP clients and the media to headquarters or factories.

Communication Coaching

The best presentation of your life!

We believe that one of the biggest challenge and responsibility as a company director or executive is knowing how to convey the best of themselves and knowing how to effectively make their message reach its target and the media.

Our communication coaching programs can change any spokesperson life. The results when making presentations, perfecting voice techniques that captivate the audience, or learning to convey the precise message that connects with the brand, are immediate.

Our multidisciplinary team, made up of journalists, coaches, image consultants and voice therapists, fully prepare each visible face or team of a company and provides them with the tools for communicating wisely and effectively.

Our communication coaching programs are personalized and designed in terms of the communication needs of each person or group. These programs teach:

coaching comunicación brandipia

Providing tools for true effectiveness presentations, working on the details of the contents, as well as non-verbal language and paralinguistic.

Providing tools to talk to the media, managing conversations on digital channels or preparing spokespeople to face the most extreme and delicate situations that can sometimes arise when representing a brand.

Manage personal branding to help position each professional in a preferential place in the minds of others.

Institutional Relationships

Voice and Vote

Relations with institutions and maintaining dialog with stakeholders are a key instrument to strengthening the position of a company in its sector of activity. Identify trends, manage contacts and knowing how to stay ahead of the industry are basic elements for a successful business.

In Brandipia we build strong relationships with regulatory bodies, institutions and trend setters, and opinion leaders. We create conversations between the brands and institutions and provide representation when convenient. This is how we manage it:

relaciones institucionales
  • Defining and implementing the positioning strategy to increase influence capacity and favour reaching business objectives.
  • We hold meetings and interact with groups of interest: administrations, institutions, influencers, etc….
  • Creating online and offline diffusion platforms.
  • Developing awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Monitoring changes in applicable regulations and carry out market trend analysis.
  • Carrying out and analyse public opinion surveys.

How can we help?